Fuel assemblies & products

Nuclear plant operators expect safe and reliable operation; this requires securing long term supply for fuel with trusted partners.

Framatome offers highly developed fuel products based on continuous improvement, meeting the highest technological expectations and using advanced materials.

For BWRs, Framatome has the most advanced and economic fuel assemblies worldwide, the ATRIUM11TM – the only 11x11 assembly design which is commercially available today.

For PWRs, Framatome proposes customized fuel assembly designs for the different reactor models of our customers (14X14 to 18X18, for all PWR types). GAIA is the latest member of this family, designed for 17x17 PWRs, which provides the robustness of our HTP design combined with the superior thermal performance of the AFA 3G design. Additionally, GAIA offers leading seismic margins. We also supply fuel elements designed for a large panel of research reactors.

Benefit from Framatome’s experience as the provider of more than 220 000 fuels assemblies, including Enriched Reprocessed Uranium (ERU) and Mixed Oxides (MOX) fuels, to more than 100 light water reactors.

  • Fuel assemblies

    PWR operations are increasingly demanding and include significant power up-rates, lower neutron leakage, cycles ranging from 6 to 24 months and challenging water chemistry conditions. The innovative GAIA fuel design offers utilities significant added value through its high mechanical fretting resistance, improved thermal performance, better debris filtering efficiency, enhanced reliability and robustness, increased flexibility, and improved fuel cycle economy.

    BWR operators are under continuous market pressure to maximize generation while driving down operating costs. ATRIUMTM 11 is Framatome’s latest generation BWR fuel. This design combines an 11x11 array with the proven ATRIUMTM 3x3 cell central water channel for optimal moderation. The key advantages are significant reductions in fuel cycle costs and average Linear Heat Generation Rate (LHGR), an increased discharge burnup, enhanced reliability margins, higher flexibility, improved thermal hydraulic stability behavior, and faster power maneuvering for higher capacity factors.

    Framatome’s fuel assemblies and associated core components supply chain supports operators across the world, with more than 220,000 fuel assemblies supplied as of mid-2017.

  • Fuel products / technologies

    All industries, nuclear and non-nuclear, need some specific raw materials for their activities, such as Zirconium – the reference material for manufacturing of fuel assemblies – or Hafnium. Moreover the nuclear industry requires products for fuel fabrication, e.g. fuel pellets, spacer grids, and beyond sintering furnaces.

    Framatome’s worldwide network of facilities dedicated to nuclear fuel fabrication manufactures from zirconium products (sponges, tubes and flat products) and Hafnium products, via fuel pellets up to complete fuel assemblies. Our teams of manufacturing experts and engineers work in close collaboration with fuel design specialists and their key drivers are safety and quality.

    All industries using zirconium, hafnium or all other nuclear fuel technologies can benefit of proven products, reliable as well as long- term production and delivery, and an international sales network.


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