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Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Keeps your plant operating safely with innovative, customized solutions to your machining challenges

Framatome is using its Remote Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology to make repairs to both PWR and BWR plants in a variety of locations — sometimes while the system is still in operation. Under water or under pressure, EDM is being used as an integral piece of total repair processes as well as for complete solutions. Based on time-tested technology, our EDM solutions include task-specific tooling modifications and innovative applications that leave behind little residue — and big satisfaction.

The appeal of EDM not only includes its ability to create detailed machine geometries, but also in how it handles the by-products of the process. EDM swarf — micron-sized material suspended in solution — is simply pulled from the area and processed, making the technology well-suited for use in primary coolant because any standard machining particles if left in the system can be a threat to nuclear fuel assemblies.

We have also perfected EDM internal thread machining which allows bolted repairs in all types of plant components. Our internal thread machining is a qualified, proven process used for numerous field applications.

The adaptability of EDM technology allows Framatome to exceed customer expectations and keep plants operating safely.

Features & Benefits

  • Adaptable technology allows us to create customized solutions to emergent repair issues
  • Our EDM technology can be utilized for both BWR and PWR plants
  • Proven repair method  with machining that requires no force (i.e. drilling, pushing) which allows for remote operations
  • No FME – residue is processed through a water filtration system during machining
  • System is primarily used for under water machining
  • Can be adapted for use while system is still in operation for certain applications such as high point vents
  • Can be used for numerous repairs as a complete solution or as an integral piece of the total repair process
  • Capable of performing internal thread machining for bolted repairs
  • Diverse uses for many types of repairs:
    — Internals bolt replacements
    — Core spray repairs and replacements
    — Core shroud repairs and replacements
    — Feedwater sparger repairs and replacements
    — Jet pump repairs
    — Access hole cover repairs
    — Local power range monitor (LPRM) flow hole for ECP probes
    — High point vent installation
    — Upflow modifications
    — Vent valve replacement 
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