Equipment status and spares management

Framatome develops innovative processes, cost-effective solutions, and complete services from the simple-and-basic to the most challenging scenarios.

These include large components such as steam generators, reactor coolant pumps, control rod drive mechanisms and also obsolescence solution management, and our Nuclear Parts Centers.

Benefit from Framatome’s best products, services and solutions to receive safe, world-class project performance, total cost certainty, and a partner committed to excellence for all of your component repair and replacement projects.

  • Deposit, Fouling and cleaning services and solutions

    Steam generators (SG) need to be regularly cleaned for better performance.

    Our Tube Sheet Cleaning, Sludge Lancing, Enhanced Inner Bundle Lancing processes quickly and efficiently clean your SGs. Framatome’s Steam Generator Cleaning and Visual Inspection protect steam generators and extend their operating life. These solutions increase heat exchange efficiency, prevent steam generators damage and save costs for repair or replacement.

    With extensive worldwide experience and references, Framatome Steam Generator services help operators maintain and protect their assets and efficiently solve any emergent situation.

  • Steam Generator global Solutions

    When designing a new steam generator for replacement, problems of compatibility with existing technical environment have to be fixed while improving efficiency and fulfilling new regulations.

    Framatome has improved its supply chain thanks to a unique combination of designer of steam generators for lot of operating plants and manufacturer in its Saint Marcel facility in France. And it is more than 150 steam generators that have been continuously designed, manufactured and delivered to the worldwide fleet of PWR reactors.

    Framatome so demonstrated its capacity to secure operators investments when improving plants lifetime and increasing plants power up to 20% with varied regulatory requirements (ASME, ESPN ...).

  • Leak Management - Solutions for Leaks

    Plant Fluid Leak Management is a key part of prevention programs Nuclear Operators have deployed. Reactor Coolant Pumps seal leakage can be affected by chemistry conditions creating iron oxide buildup on the faceplates. It ultimately causes premature #1 seal replacement, unplanned plant shut down and maintenance costs.

    Framatome has developed an upgraded #1 seal with a diamond layer to prevent oxide buildup and ensure long term stable leakage. Framatome’s Diamond Seal eliminates sensitivity to iron oxide buildup, thus increasing the #1 seal life, reducing maintenance frequency and costs, and eliminating forced outage risk. Compatible with any existing hydrostatic seal package, the Diamond Seal can operate up to 12 years. Stable performance is maintained in high temperature conditions.

  • Long Term Spare Part Supply and Obsolescence Management

    The Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) fleet is more and more deploying long term operations programs. As part of these programs, possible obsolescence of NPPs systems and components must be managed.

    Framatome proactive obsolescence management program evaluates and offers optimal customized obsolescence solutions to plant operators such as procurement engineering, cross-qualification, commercial grade dedication and re-engineering for all kind of components or systems in a nuclear power plant.

    Framatome offers a comprehensive parts replacement system with identification of potential suppliers and warehouse stocks. This obsolescence management system includes stock management, supply forecast and warnings, as well as technical advisory services for pieces that are not on the market anymore. It ensures availability of qualified products and spare parts for obsolete components on time.

    Framatome's proactive obsolescence management reduces the risk of plant downtime due to aging issues. It keeps production and service time at a high level and cost savings can be generated thanks to strategic spare parts stock management. Our solution is fully adapted to plant conditions and operators specifications.

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