Major components repair and replacement

When facing long-term operation, you need to demonstrate the continuity of excellence in safety of your plant, and get the guarantee that large components will be able to perform normally up to the end of power production.

Framatome designs and manufactures equipment that fulfills updated and upgraded performance requirements for major equipment, including steam generators and reactor vessel closure heads. In addition, we have the capability to either repair or replace equipment with upgraded components in order to fulfill safety requirements for lifetime extension.

Benefit from Framatome’s decades of experience in designing and manufacturing equipment, and from dedicated engineering solutions and repair technologies.

  • Steam Generator global Solutions

    When designing a new steam generator for replacement, problems of compatibility with existing technical environment have to be fixed while improving efficiency and fulfilling new regulations.

    Framatome has improved its supply chain thanks to a unique combination of designer of steam generators for lot of operating plants and manufacturer in its Saint Marcel facility in France. And it is more than 150 steam generators that have been continuously designed, manufactured and delivered to the worldwide fleet of PWR reactors.

    Framatome so demonstrated its capacity to secure operators investments when improving plants lifetime and increasing plants power up to 20% with varied regulatory requirements (ASME, ESPN, ...).

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