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Utilities expect a full range of services for all PWR and BWR fuel handling systems including mechanical, electrical and electronic design, and support. Working with your teams, Framatome's Stearns Roger® Services (SRS) can assess, upgrade, or replace manipulator cranes, spent fuel bridges, and fuel transfer systems to ensure total reliability, improved safety, and optimal performance during all of your specific fuel handling operations. Our full-scale, wet BWR and PWR bridges, and fuel handling training provide practical experience in a controlled, safe, real-world environment.

In addition, you get exclusive advantages from working with a turnkey supplier. Framatome provides engineering, equipment, and installation — all with trained, qualified craft personnel, CFR 50.59, DCP, and responsive services during outages — for smooth installation and minimal down-time.

With over 40 years’ experience, SRS has knowledge of all nuclear fuel handling equipment in the U.S. and ensures that each customer receives the best qualified resources tailored to their specific needs.

PWR Fuel Handling Machine

Improved safety, reliability and enhanced performance

Refueling Platform

Improved safety, reliability and enhanced performance

Spent Fuel Bridges

Improved functionality and maintenance accessibility

Fuel Transfer Systems

Reliable performance — increased transfer speeds

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