Over the past 35 years, Framatome's teams in China have been offering their customers the best Framatome product technologies and solutions available in the world, while adapting them to the specificities and challenges of the local market. Framatome in China relies on local skills and teams as well as on its international experts to meet its clients' needs.

As designer of the EPR, Framatome continues to offer its maintenance services to the Taishan 1 and 2 power plants following their commercial start-up, and is also currently involved in the assembly and installation of the Tokamak machine (TAC1) at the heart of the ITER nuclear fusion project and is supplying equipment and technological bricks for the Hua Long project (RCP, I&C etc.), as well as fuel.


Key figures for 2020

  • 9 sites: Beijing, Lianyungang, Shanghai, Haiyan, Daya Bay, Taishan, Deyang, Songjiang and Shenzhen.
  • 600 local employees and experts around the world provide vital support to Framatome China

Extensive presence throughout China

Framatome's representative office is located in Beijing (Framatome Beijing Technology) and two branches are established in Shanghai and Lianyungang. Framatome also operates in China through joint ventures and through its wholly-owned subsidiary FNS.

  • FDJV1: created in 2005 by Framatome and DFEM, a subsidiary of DEC, it designs, manufactures, assembles and tests reactor coolant pumps for CPR1000 and Hualong type reactors. FDJV is also supported by Framatome's Jeumont site, which is currently qualifying the first-of-series of the new Hualong design.

  • CAST2: created by Framatome and CNNC in 2011, its mission is to conduct the localization of M5 alloy tubes in China and to assure their production to meet domestic demand for fuel assemblies for Chinese nuclear power plants.

  • WECAN3: created by Framatome and CGNPC in 2009, it is in charge of carrying out engineering studies and procurement for second and third generation reactors (CPR1000 and EPR).

  • FNS4: offers services and solutions for the design, construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants. FNS I&C teams based in Beijing, Shanghai, Lianyungang and Haiyan are supported by experts from Framatome's I&C BU. They are currently involved in a range of activities, focused on providing customers with advanced, secure and customized technical solutions drawing on Framatome's global network, rapid response, efficient execution, competitively localized capabilities and resources, and an effective engineering and project management platform.



  1. FDJV: Framatome-Dongfang Reactor Coolant Pumps Company Limited;
  2. CAST: CNNC Framatome Shanghai Tubing Co., Ltd.
  3. WECAN: Worldwide Engineering CGNPC FRAMATOME Nuclear Co., Ltd
  4. FNS: Framatome Nuclear Services

Responding to Chinese fuel demands

Framatome has a local fuel team that serves Chinese customers by understanding their fuel needs and forging long-term relationships. Using the Framatome know-how, expertise and advanced technology, the fuel team is able to respond to new demands effectively and ensure high performance and safety standards.

Taishan: a world first for Generation III+ reactors

The first EPR reactor at the Taishan power plant in China's Guangdong province went into commercial operation on December 13, 2018, followed by the second reactor on September 7, 2019. This project is the largest international commercial contract signed in the history of the civil nuclear industry. Taishan has become the first Generation III+ reactor in operation in the world and is providing safe and continuous operation, demonstrating the feasibility and reliability of EPR technology.
Framatome (formerly AREVA NP) has been present in China for thirty-five years and was responsible for building the nuclear islands for the Daya Bay and Ling Ao power plants, in operation since the 1990s in the case of Daya Bay and since the early 2000s in the case of Ling Ao.