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Numerical codes modeling systems and containment are often used to analyze accidental scenarios in light water reactors. These computer codes use thermal-hydraulic correlations that are derived from active safety systems. With the use of passive safety systems, however, the need to validate and optimize these codes arises.

The INKA test facility, more than 30 meters high, has been built by the Component Qualification Laboratory to test and demonstrate the performance of the passive safety systems of boiling water reactors (BWRs).
The specific design is derived from the KERENA reactor (3,370 MW thermal).

With its extensive instrumentation (presently about 300 measurement parameters can be recorded), INKA is a unique test facility for simulating accidental scenarios in the containment and for providing data in order to further improve system and containment modeling codes for all light water reactors.

INKA uses three vessels to represent the containment of modern BWRs: the flooding pool vessel, the drywell vessel and the pressure suppression pool vessel.


With this test facility we can offer you to perform tests on the following components:

  • Emergency condenser to passively remove energy from the containment
  • Containment cooling condenser to passively remove energy from the containment
  • Passive core flooding system
  • Fuel pool cooler
  • Vent pipes
  • Passive pressure pulse transmitter.


Integral tests are performed to simulate transient and loss-of-coolant (LOCA) accident scenarios. The powerful infrastructure of the Component Qualification Laboratory (e.g. BENSON boiler) supplies the test facility.


Your Benefits

  • Higher safety through experimental analysis of accident scenarios using active and passive safety components
  • Higher reliability by validation of system and containment codes
  • Extended possibilities with access to the Framatome thermal-hydraulic worldwide platform
  • Reliable test results through accreditation as test and inspection body in accordance with ISO 17025 and 17020, accepted by ILAC

Interested in Integral Test Facility for BWR Passive Safety System – INKA?


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