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Reactor fuel requirements are becoming increasingly technically demanding. This is coupled with challenging new operating conditions, for example, significant power uprates and load-follow operation. As a result, operators are being forced to operate their plants with sufficient flexibility to adapt to new grid demands. Furthermore, the batch average discharge burnup has increased significantly. All this affects the available margins of the fuel assemblies. With high economic pressure and taxes on nuclear fuel already levied in some countries and planned in others, there is a general push for more efficient fuel utilization.

ATRIUM 11, Framatome’s latest generation boiling water reactor (BWR) fuel and most recent member of the ATRIUM family, offers a response to these challenges.

ATRIUM 11 combines the inherent advantages of an 11x11 array with the proven ATRIUM of a quadratic water channel replacing nine fuel rods by enhanced features.

The inherent advantages of an 11x11 array consist in a significant reduction of the average linear heat generation rate (LHGR), determining parameter for BWR fuel assemblies’ operational and safety margins for:

  • Extended power uprate
  • Burnup increase
  • Reliability margins
  • Higher flexibility for incore fuel management
  • Higher flexibility to adapt to new grid demand
  • Improved thermal hydraulic stability behavior.

Your Benefits

  • Most economic fuel on the market
    – Improved fuel cycle economy
    – Reduced generating costs
  • Enhanced reliability and robustness
    – Significant reduction of the LHGR providing margins for example regarding PCI, Corrosion-Related Unidentified Deposit (CRUD)
    – Upgraded features addressing the most frequent fuel failure causes debris fretting and PCI
    – Fuel channel with improved dimensional stability
  • Increased flexibility and margins, respectively by the significantly reduced LHGR for
    – Incore fuel management
    – Load follow
    – Extended power uprate
    – Burnup increase (for example lower fission gas release)

Interested in ATRIUM 11 Fuel Assemblies for BWRs?

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US: Framatome signs contract to deliver ATRIUM 11 fuel to Talen Energy’s Susquehanna Station


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