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  • Stator Replacement: Fleetwide

    Stator Replacement: Fleetwide

    When it comes to the heart of your motor, you need reliability. This utility called on Framatome to do a fleetwide replacement of its stators. Why? The utility had already lost approximately $20M in reactor coolant pump (RCP) motor failures. Our stators reduce power consumption and are built for the life of the plant. And none of our 220+ RCP motors have ever experienced an electrical failure. The amount of revenue the utility has lost due to RCP motor failures since our stators were installed? Zero.

    • Challenge: Stator aging
    • Solution: Replacement stator
    • Benefits: Improved reliability; reduced electrical losses


  • Rotor Shaft Repair

    Rotor Shaft Repair

    How important is it for a rotor shaft and flywheel to fit? Critical. During site-performed disassembly, this rotor shaft was damaged — affecting the critical fit between the rotor shaft and flywheel. An unstable fit creates the risk of pump vibration — which could lead to a plant shutdown. The solution? Manual welding, machining, nickel plating, and grinding. The fit was restored without the cost of replacing the rotor — or shutting down the plant.

    • Challenge: Shaft damage
    • Solution: GTAW weld buildup, nickel plate
    • Benefits: Save cost and time over rotor re placement; restores critical fit


  • RCP Seal Housing Repair

    RCP Seal Housing Repair

    Two housings destroyed in service. No replacements available. Only 10 days left in the outage. Panic? No. The housings were expedited to the Pump & Motor Service Center (P&MSC) and precision machined and welded to the original specs (.001” tolerance) — and the outage was not even extended one day.

    • Challenge: Housings damaged
    • Solution: Weld and machine
    • Benefits: Reduced cost; quick response; no outage extension
  • Stator Rewind

    Stator Rewind

    Everything old can be new again. Putting in a brand new stator costs more money — and produces more contaminated waste — than remanufacturing your current stator. Our remanufacturing process reduces the operating temperatures of your stator — increasing insulation life and saving money on power consumption. And we increase the longevity of your stator over a standard industry-supplied rewind.

    • Challenge: Stator wear & tear
    • Solution: Stator rewind
    • Benefits: Reduces operating temperature; reduces cost vs. new stator
  • RCP Casing Machining

    RCP Casing Machining

    How low can we go? With our Framatome-designed shielded foreign material exclusion (FME) plug, we can provide a low-dose environment for our machinists while maintaining triple-seal protection against foreign material incursion into the primary system. When this plant had a leak through the pump to the casing joint in the primary system, we were able to fix it using our low-dose environment for in-situ machining. The result? No leakage. Original specs restored to the pump. And low dose.

    • Challenge: Primary system leakage
    • Solution: In-situ machining
    • Benefits: Restores to original specifications; eliminates leakage
  • RCP Internals Shaft Replacement

    RCP Internals Shaft Replacement

    When you need to replace a shaft, it often means you need to replace the impeller, right? Not necessarily. You don’t want to replace the impeller when you already know how the old one will perform. With our match machining capabilities, we can match a new shaft to the old impeller — so when you start up your pump there are no surprises.

    • Challenge: Shaft wear
    • Solution: Replacement shaft
    • Benefits: Reuse impeller; economical repair; less risk of RCP vibration
  • Emergency RCP Seal Replacement

    Emergency RCP Seal Replacement

    A plant is down with RCP seal failures. With no time to waste, an expert team of 14 Framatome technicians is mobilized and in containment within 24 hours of notification. And within merely four shifts, the seals were replaced — saving the customer from a lengthy forced outage and minimizing loss of revenue.

    • Challenge: RCP seal failure
    • Solution: Mobilized field technicians
    • Benefits: Rapid deployment; rapid repair; saves money
  • Rotor Compression

    Rotor Compression

    Would you turn back time if you could? How about for your plant rotors? We can restore your rotor to its original operating condition without the addition of materials used as fillers. A “good as new” rotor saves money and man-hours by avoiding costly and time-consuming manual tack-weld repair.

    • Challenge: Loose laminations
    • Solution: Custom tool compresses core
    • Benefit: Avoids new rotor expense; restores rotor to original condition
  • Main Coolant Pump Motor Refurb & Mod

    Main Coolant Pump Motor Refurb & Mod

    From the moment of start-up, this plant was plagued by an oil leak issue. Thirty-three years later, one new stator, a redesigned oil lift system and a brand new oil enclosure— designed, fabricated and installed by Framatome — and the leak was fixed. Top that off with a level one coating of safety-related paint performed at the P&MSC, and concerns about meeting Appendix R Fire Protection requirements — gone.

    • Challenge: Wear and tear
    • Solution: Re-engineering and refurbishment
    • Benefits: Support all OEMs; designed, fabricated, and installed by Framatome
  • On- site Vibration Analysis

    On-site Vibration Analysis

    Pump vibration threatens to shut down the plant. Plant decides to replace RCP internals to solve the issue. Within eight hours, Framatome has a vibration specialist and pump advisor on site. The result? Inspection and vibration modeling pinpointed a problem with the RCP motor bearing. No pump internals replacements were needed and 15 days of forced outage time were saved.

    • Challenge: RCP vibration
    • Solution: Vibration specialist deployment
    • Benefits: Direct on-station inspection; avoid unnecessary outage time
  • RCP Decon and Refurb

    RCP Decon and Refurb

    Even though this plant had RCP internal spare parts, they were unusable because of high contamination levels. After decontamination, an inspection revealed that only the shaft, radial bearing, bolting, impeller and coupling needed to be replaced. The RCP was repaired and reassembled, built to original design specs and ready for installation before the next outage. The rest of the spare parts were refurbished and re-used — a solution that was approximately 40% of the cost of a new pump.

    • Challenge: Unusable spare parts
    • Solution: Decon and repair
    • Benefits: Refurbish to original specs; extensive cost savings
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