Our name may have changed, but the faces are still the same.

Our name may have changed, but we are still the same experienced, knowledgeable and passionate people. Framatome and its predecessor organizations have been serving the nuclear energy industry in North America since the 1950s. Members of our team have been with the company for many years and continue to service our customers’ operations and meet their fuel needs. Our employees invest in the industry through innovative ideas that lead to patents and industry awards resulting in advancements for the nuclear industry.

Serving our customers

We value the dedication and contributions of our employees to serving the needs of our customers and the nuclear industry. With approximately 2,300 Framatome employees in the United States and Canada, we have – over time – serviced every nuclear power plant in the United States and many in Canada.

For the 2017 outage season, over 3,600 employees deployed to support outages at 44 nuclear energy facilities – and many more contributed to their success from our home offices. Since 2010, five customers using our technology have been recognized with the “Best of the Best” Top Innovative Practice Award from the Nuclear Energy Institute. And we have earned more than 260 patents for innovative processes and technology, which are credited to more than 400 Framatome inventors in North America.

It’s our people that make us who we are today and will shape who we will be in the future. We rely on the innovation and dedication of our North American employees – for servicing and fueling today’s fleet and advancing the future of nuclear energy. The innovative ideas of our employees fuel the future of our company and the nuclear industry.

Serving our communities

For more than 60 years, Framatome employees have demonstrated their commitment and willingness to lend a hand to the communities where they live and work. Throughout the year, we support activities and focused initiatives for hundreds of nonprofit organizations and educational efforts throughout North America.

We believe that we have a social responsibility to be active members in our communities, cultivating relationships and partnerships to enhance the lives of our employees and the people around us. We are committed to supporting charitable organizations and advancing education through year-round initiatives and activities. Being socially responsible means doing what we can to improve quality of life for neighbors and ourselves.

Committed to a strong safety culture

Our employees demonstrate a strong safety culture in our daily work activities – with over 2.4 million safe hours worked in the 2017 outage season. Duke Energy recognized Framatome (formerly AREVA NP) with its Safety Supplier of the Year award, highlighting our employees’ demonstration of self-directed, personal safety accountability.

Our employees recognize that safety is not just two minutes, a day or even a month. It is not just a message we give at the start of a meeting or during our pre-job briefs. At Framatome, safety is every second of every day for every single one of us, and it takes all of us to build and maintain a strong safety culture – in the office, in the field, at site, and at home.

This safety mindset carries over to our community outreach. Our commitment to communities is more than just volunteer hours and monetary donations. Our employees partner with event organizers and community members, ensuring the safety of all involved at events by conducting safety walk-downs and pre-job briefs to identify safety hazards.

Leveraging the strength of our new owners

The new brand leverages the strength of our new owners on top of a proven portfolio of solutions for servicing and fueling today’s fleet. We are backed by a financially strong owner:

  • World’s largest electricity generator
  • 70B euros in sales
  • 78% nuclear
  • 73 reactors
  • First nuclear fleet worldwide